Mungo Melvin signing copies of Sevastopol’s Wars on 5 April 2017. Reviews are now coming in.

“Major General Mungo Melvin has managed to produce a very readable history of the Crimea and Sevastopol. This book serves to burnish his credentials as a military historian, following as it does his other work on the life and campaigns of Hitler’s great commander Manstein.”

So starts the review of Sevastopol’s Wars: Crimea from Potemkin to Putinpublished by Defence Viewpoints from the UK Defence Forum, on 15 June 2017.

The reviewer, Nick Watts, goes on to say:

As befits a book written by a military historian, Sevastopol’s Wars is well equipped with reference material. An extensive bibliography is complemented by a useful selection of maps (the author is a Royal Engineer, which has been the provider of military maps), and the book is well foot noted. The reader will be richly rewarded by this book, both in the reading and for future reference.

For the full review, please follow this link. Thank you Nick and the UK Defence Forum for your comments.

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  1. Nigel Dunkley

    It is always a fascinating pleasure to read a work by General Mungo so this latest work is no exception. As a fellow ex-military historian and veteran of many Crimea Battlefield tours I just wish he had written it years ago! (With thanks, Nigel Dunkley)

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