It’s been nearly three months since my last update. There is nothing much to report except to mention two brief 5* reviews for Sevastopol’s Wars on the website, including the following positive endorsement:

“Very well written and informative. Read this if you want to understand more about the recent situation in Crimea and why the Russians have such an emotional attachment to the peninsula.”

My next task is to write a Preface to the Russian language edition of Sevastopol’s Wars, and to revise Chapter 2 to incorporate some new research. I aim to  post an update on this ongoing work in June.

Meanwhile, those interested in the Waterloo campaign of 1815 should read John Hussey’s masterpiece in two volumes. I had the privilege of writing the Foreword to the second volume, and am very proud to be associated with it. Strongly recommended! Hussey has rightly won the 2017 Sir Gerald Templer Prize and Medal for Military History. Congratulations!