I am very much looking forward to speaking at the Malvern Festival of Military History over the weekend 5-7 October.

Subject to confirmation of the final programme, I am due to speak during the afternoon of Saturday, 6th October, about the Crimean War, when I shall be looking at some of the first manifestations of industrial war, which took place midway between 1815 and 1914. In this talk,  I intend to explore some of the matters I raised in Sevastopol’s Wars.

I do hope that readers of, and those interested in, Sevastopol’s Wars would wish to attend! There is a wonderful selection of authors speaking. Please note that :

1. The ‘Early Bird’ discount ends on July 15th (today, unfortunately), and;

2. My connections are entitled to a further 10% discount using the promo code AUTHOR

Meanwhile, the organisers state:

The Malvern Festival of Military History on the weekend of October 5th-7th 2018 has a broad military and naval history theme and will cover subjects ranging from Agincourt to modern day Afghanistan.

You might roll your eyes and wonder about the need for yet another book festival!

Well, we decided to create this event as a middle ground between the dryly academic conferences run by the military history specialist associations, and the grand literary events covering a broad range of topics such as Althorp , Cheltenham and Cliveden. The former are typically only of interest to dedicated geeks like us, and the latter usually showcase only the superstar historical authors!

This Festival will also differ from other history events by being specifically military in focus and primarily adult oriented (no bouncy castles and face-paint!). We intend to take the subject of military history very seriously yet focus on popular and accessible work – both fiction and non-fiction.

We hope that this will make the event attractive to people generally interested in military history but who don’t really want to sit through a lecture on the detailed disposition of the forces at Waterloo!

With a combination of keynote presentations, expert panel sessions, art exhibits, concerts and other complementary entertainment, this is truly a unique event!